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Work is overwhelming and I’m just plain tired.  I remember being so excited and grateful to have a scholarship to go through certified substance abuse counselor training and now I’m exhausted, burnt out and dreading the classes.  The class is interesting and the teacher is great–it’s just me.  I think others are also feeling the strain.  We are all getting sick, too.  Additional pressure keeps being piled on at a pretty steady rate.   When will it ever end?


Answer: Facebook is Eeeevil

Question: Why am I on Facebook when there are so many other things I should be doing?

Hello World

This is the usual “Hello, World!” post.  Truthfully, I’m not exactly sure why I’m starting another blog/blournal.  I suppose I’m looking for an outlet to sort things out.  Thoughts flow through a river of words.  Emotions flow through the words.